Excellent Panel Of Doctors

We house of panel of 80 excellent doctors with vast experience in treatment and diagnosis. Our doctors are well qualified and trained to give you the best cure possible.

State Of The Art Equipments

Here at Aswini, we make it a point that our hospital is equipped with the latest medical equipments and life saving technologies to deliver world class treatment to out patients.

Unparalleled Nursing Care

From the day we began this journey, we always kept the reputation of having the best in the class nursing care. Our nurses are very particular in caring for you passionately.


24/7 Emergency Care

Our emergency care department is equipped with state of the art equipment and experienced professionals to take care of your emergency needs.

More than 300 beds

We have both pay-ward as well as general ward with a total of over 300 beds.

4 Intensive Care Units

Our hospital has 4 Intensive care units capable of delivering most modern medical care.

Most Modern Laboratory

The laboratory at Aswini is assured to deliver the best results with maximum accuracy within least time possible.

Blood Bank

Finding rare groups would no longer be a Herculean task as Aswini blood bank is at your service

4 Operation Theaters

At Aswini Hospital, we are so particular in delivering you the best, that is why our operation theaters are so well maintained and updated.

Board Of Directors

  • Mr Pradeep Chandran

    Mr Pradeep Chandran

  • Mr. K K Sugadhan

    Mr. K K Sugadhan

    Managing Director
  • Mr. M.U Unnikrishnan

    Mr. M.U Unnikrishnan

    Vice Chairman
  • I N Rajesh

    I N Rajesh

    Executive Director
  • Mr. A.S Dharman

    Mr. A.S Dharman

    Executive Director
  • Mr. A.C Premanandan

    Mr. A.C Premanandan

    Executive Director

    Aswini Hospital - Saving lives since 1987