Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Our Doctors

Dr Rekha Babu  MD(PMR)

Dr Rekha Babu MD(PMR)

Aswini Hospital offers a comprehensive scientific management of physical dysfunction through physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and Rehabilitation Therapy.

A team of qualified therapists is headed by a Consultant in Rehabilitation therapy with more than 15 years of post graduate experience in the field of physical medicine & rehabilitation.
This department offers physiotherapy which includes:

Electrotherapy modalities like Interferential therapy

Shock wave diathermy
Electrical Stimulation

Specific Physiotherapy for the recoveryof sports injuries

Chest Conditions
Cardiac & Neurological Conditions

Bedside physiotherapyforelderlypatients in ICU

Occupational Therapy offers Scientific activity based treatment modalities to restore the biomechanical prerequisites for the patient to return to function. Thus specific exercise therapy restores range of motion, muscle power, eye-hand co-ordination and endurance are prescribed.

Neurodevelopmental therapy offers early detection and early intervention for high risk babies who may be having cerebral palsy. Also Motor Central Therapy for established cases of Cerebral Palsy & strokes & other allied conditions.

Occupational Therapy also includes guidelines & prescriptions of assistive aids & devices like wheelchairs / walking aids. Prescription and check out of lower limb / upper limb of orthosis. Specific programmes are planned & carried out for Degenerative conditions of A/C & Chronic in nature.

Motor neurone disease
Rheumatoid arthritis