Rheumatic disease, popularly known in malayalam as 'Vaatharogam' refers to any type of arthritis (joint pains). There are over 200 conditions that range from commn conditions like osteoarthritis (Sandhivaatham), Rheumatoid arthritis (Aamavatham), lups, Gout (High uric acid, Rheumatic fever, Tennis elbow, Psoriasis (A skin disease that can cause arthritis) and Ankylosing spondylitis (which cause back pain). Arthritis can affect anyone of any age, including children, though women tend to be affected more than men. Pain can vary from mild to disabling, but all symptoms must be evaluated since delaying treatment means the joints gets ultimately destroyed. Once there is 'End-stage joint failure' it becomes like 'kidney failure' and only option then is a joint replacement which is very expensive, costing in lakhs and every joint in the body cannot be replaced. In kerala it is widely believed that there is only Ayurvedic treatment for these conditions. There is explosive growth in the treatment of these diseases in modern medicine. Today, state -of-the-art treatment are available for the majority of the rheumatic conditions. So treat 'EARLY'.

Another area where excellent treatment is now available is in the treament of osteoporosis (weakbones). This is common in women after menopause (mensus has stopped). This condition will increase your fracture risk in case of fall. If there are elderly people in your household above the age of 65 it is always advisable to screen them for this. In Kerala, Geriatric population is increasing and increasing attention must be paid to this problem.

We are fully equipped to deal with these conditions. There are facilities in including the latest 'Biologic' treatment. We are supported by good orthopedic team and an excellent physiotherapy department.

Our Doctors

Dr. P Madan Mohan, MD, PG (Dip)

Dr. P Madan Mohan, MD, PG (Dip)